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Audubon – Residential Single Family

An 80-acre, 39 lot open space subdivision located in Baytown Township Minnesota, featuring a cluster style layout, preserving the natural features of the site.

Services provided by FFE include: Planning, Engineering, Construction Inspection, Surveying and Platting

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This density for this site was achieved by re-zoneing the parcel. An Environmental Assessment Worksheet or EAW was also completed as part of the approvals for this project. The site utilizes city water and a community septic system, a two mile long trunk main was installed to deliver water from the City of Bayport to this and our other projects in the area.

FFE, Inc. designed the trunk watermain and help the City of Bayport coordinate the installation of the new underground water storage facility located west of the Audubon Project.

Emerald Falls, Miller Farms and Wesley Bay Ridge were all projects in the Baytown area, designed by FFE, Inc. and were recipients of the water system. The developer of Inspiration, a Bayport development, was also a part of the developer group to hire FFE, Inc. to design and inspect the installation of the water system.